piatok 31. mája 2013

Online shoes store for ladies - Milujem Topanky

My favorite way of shopping is online shopping. I shop online just about anything. It is because I value my time with my family so much, I like to spend every spare time with them. Shops are close in the evenings and at night. Online stores are open non stop. So, when I am just about to go to sleep, I turn on my laptop, and shop, for example women shoes. It is much quicker; I pick what I need or want, no queues, no stress, no waiting, no carrying heavy bags. I pick what I need, pay and leave. All the stuff is delivered directly to my home or to my work. It is perfect. That way I save so much of my precious time I can spend with my family, my children especially when is beautiful sunny weather outside. Me and my family have two dogs and they are part of our family too, so there is no need to say how gladly we go out to the park, me, my children, my husband and our two dogs and sometimes we have a little afternoon picnic. I could not imagine life without online stores and without online shopping. We could not spend a quality family time together so much.
Like I said, I shop online just about anything, including groceries, clothes, boots, furniture, food for dogs, kitchen accessories, washing powder, and more…
Sometimes I do not need anything, but as I am registered at some stores and I am regular customer, the company gives me discounts and promotions to their products, and as it is advantageous, I do buy what they offer. My favorite online store is Milujem Topanky of course, online shoe store. I buy lots of women shoes.

I am not ashamed of it. I like to wear nice clothes and shoes. On my favorite website they have lots of different type of shoes and for very good prices. I can afford to buy new topanky every day. 

štvrtok 30. mája 2013

Monvin in Bratislava

Many people dream about the house on the beach, seaside, and white sand and palm trees.  My dream is to live on a top of the hill with long rows of vineyard and have a big house with wine cellar. Me and my husband enjoy wine very much and we also share the same dream. It is quite difficult to live like this here in Slovakia, so we are thinking about moving to south France. We have been living in Slovakia, Bratislava for about four years now, as we finished university and we got great jobs, we kind of stayed here. But now, that is almost time to think about extending our little family (we have two dogs) we are thinking about place we want to move to, where we would like to settle down. Here in Bratislava we have been satisfying our desires with wine in wine bar Bratislava Monvin. This wine shop and bar is near very well known Blue Church.  Monvin has the wines from all over the world and they also organize wine tasting every month which anyone can be part of.  That is actually great, as not only you learn a lot about wines, but also you will find out which one you like the most and which one is the best with which meal. When I have some visitors at home and I serve wine, sometimes I feel like a professional. 

utorok 21. mája 2013

Quality alcohol, which you can buy on the Internet

Bottleshop - alcohol delivery Bratislava

For big party you need a good quality alcohol

Are you planning a big party and you do not have a liquor store near you, which would sell a good quality drinks for great prices? In that case, you are about to find out about sale of alcohol and alcohol delivery service in Bratislava

The problem in the big cities is, that there is a big competition between the sales companies, so the prices are sometimes much higher that elsewhere. Many people do not have the time and desire to look for good spirit throughout the city. Much easier and quicker way is to order some alcohol online.

Alcohol delivery Bratislava

Bottleshop is an online shop with all sorts of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Bottleshop is an alcohol delivery Bratislava, which sells the best alcohol from all around the world and has the widest range of alcohol products in whole Slovakia. Bottleshop also sells a coffee, chocolate truffles and acai nuts. If you are planning to order a larger quantity of alcohol, do not forget to order it in advance, to make sure, you will get all your order for the big day. The ability to order alcoholic drinks online is a novelty, which starts to use more and more customers and it is getting to be more than popular. With advantages that Bottleshop offers online, is not really wonder why.
Try online shopping too, for easier, quicker and stress free way of shopping.

pondelok 20. mája 2013

Wine bar Monvin, Bratislava

Monvin is a cute little vinotéka and bar in centre of Bratislava. It is near the very well known Blue Church. Monvin has great wines and a professional trained staff can perfectly recommend you the perfect wine for particular meal.  I go and visit Monvin wine shop and bar now and then, sometimes I go there for inspiration as I am a writer, sometimes I go there just to enjoy the view, sometimes I go there on a weekend with my friends and we have the best time. It is always lots of fun, laugh, but also relax and pleasure. I have been going to Monvin for couple of years now and I have just the best memories from this place. I met my husband there too. He was there one evening with his friends celebrating friends birthday and I was there as usual enjoying a glass of wine after work with some newspapers. I did not even notice when they have arrived. The first time I looked up from the newspapers around the bar, was, when I heard them laughing very loud. It was a little disturbing, but on the other side, I wanted to join them. I saw my man sitting there telling some sort of joke to others. I liked him right away. On thing led to another and suddenly we were talking and from that point he was stuck with me.
As I said, I will always remember vinoteka bratislava Monvin as one of my favorite places in Bratislava.