pondelok 22. júla 2013

A magic show

I like to make some plans with children at the weekends. We try to go every weekend to new places where we have not been before, because we want to get to know the whole Slovakia in real and not just from books, or we are doing a variety of new activities. We are an active family, we also teach our children to sport and that they should love nature and all living things. Once we had planned a day trip in Smolenice, but in the morning we caught the heavy rain so we were looking for a replacement plan. In local newspapers we read that there should be a magic show in the theater with magician Peter Sestak. Children were very enthusiastic, because at such performances they have never been to. Although the performance was not the whole day, I promised, we will go there. After the magic show, we were all pleasantly surprised and impressed. The performance was very funny but also interesting and breathtaking. There was something for everyone - for both adults and children. During performances the sun came up, it dried everything, and after  the show we have the whole family sit on the bike and gone to nature. Children talked all next week about how the magician had lost his assistant and as all sorts of things floated around him. Next weekend the weather was perfect so we could make up for the previous one and we went to Smolenice.

streda 10. júla 2013

Shoes from a magazine

I saw in my favorite magazine very modern and trendy pumps. It's a classic tabloid magazine, where they writes about a variety of Slovak and foreign celebrities and various attractions, such as the exciting holiday destinations, on what is now in trends and other articles and life stories, advice and tips. If you find in a magazine on any page photographed outfits there are also tips for interesting accessories and always added to them short articles and names of shops where you can buy these things and their prices. When I flipped the page in this magazine, I found there also ballerinas that I would like to purchase. 

Both shoes should be in the same store. I went to the store to look with the intention that I will try them both and buy them. Saleswoman in the store, however, said that they do not have such footwear in the store and she does not think that they will have them either. Supposedly it's a limited edition and they were produced in a small amount and they were sent only to larger stores of this brand, such as in Prague. I was adamant that those shoes I have to have, so I decided that at the weekend I will travel to Prague. I arrived to Prague on Saturday around noon and I immediately visited the shop. Both my shoes were already exposed in the interpretation of shop window, so I was very pleased. Once I tried them I bought them. I have traveled back home from Prague in the evening. I was very tired but also very happy that I carry with me home my new, beautiful footwear.

pondelok 8. júla 2013

Extra modern sofas

Young designers and students who are dedicated to designing still inventing new seats and sofas, which would be the most advanced design, but also to be the most comfortable seating position. Some seats are designed so that they are rocking; some are designed for one person, some for two or more, some are with a storage space or folding, which in a few seconds change the guest bed. It is perhaps the most difficult to choose suitable seats for children. As the child's body is still developing and growing, it is very important to choose the right seating for your kids to avoid distortion and the crooked spine and other ailments. If you travel a lot with your children, the car seats are also very important. Fashion goes aside.

Often times we meet with modern chairs and couch sets that look great but are extremely impractical. Beds and sofas should always be designed for its purpose. In Slovakia there are not many people who could furnish their apartment or house with only designer pieces that are used more as decoration. One of the most famous designer sofa seats is shaped as lips by the famous painter Salvador Dalí. Salvador Dalí was one of the most famous surrealists. This style is again becoming popular in all areas - fashion, interior, art, and so on.

pondelok 1. júla 2013

Weapons and ammunition

I've never been a fan of weapons. Guns do not attract me; they evoke in me a feeling of insecurity and fear. It is quite known that when "playing" with weapons not once unintentionally got innocent people hurt. In most states and countries abroad, the free sale of guns and possession of prohibited, but in some countries it is permitted. It is mostly in countries in South and North America. My grandfather was a forester. He loved weapons and overtimes in his free time he would go to a shooting range. He has been mostly using different types of rifles. My grandfather is also a collector and he had at home few old rifles, which he still praised and prided at home in front of his children and us, his grandchildren. When I was little, I already knew that I was not interested at all in this direction. Here in Slovakia we also have no free sale of guns allowance. One must have a permit from the police. This permit can not be gotten only so, of course. One of the most famous guns that spread throughout the world is the Kalashnikov. This weapon was designed in 1947 by Mikhail Kalashnikov. It has been designed to be easy to handle, but with a great attack power.

In Slovakia, there are several stores with weapons and ammunition. Online army shop AFG offers various expansion guns, gas guns, air rifles and other accessories.

There is always a reason for a celebration

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