streda 28. augusta 2013

Maintenance weapons

Condition and cleanliness of your head very significantly affects the accuracy of fire, but the actual functionality of the weapon. Unmaintained has bad consequences and causes corrosion and harms splines. In principle, it is necessary to obtain a set of cleaning brushes, extension and oil. It is better to use oil specifically for air guns and other types of weapons. WD-40 is not bad but I do not recommend using it. Besides brushes set is also needed cloth, preferably smaller such as cloth for glasses and so on. Under a set of brushes understand 3 pcs brushes. Each serving of something else, and the hardest removes coarse dirt, enough with him two or three times run barrel. The second brush is too hard but has a much longer bristles and will serve you for oiling. When oiling just use two drops of oil and no more. Then also as the first brush slew barrel several times in a row. Latest brush with the soft and more intensive bristles used for final polishing mainly from excess oil. Important factor when cleaning is not printing on splines that we do not damage it, unless you do so, the brush will be parallel to the barrel. Not only inside but also outside of the gun is clean and well oiled. With oil you should not overdo it! It is used to prevent corrosion. After application of bigger amount of oil that is suitable arises so. Dieseling when the first two to three missiles have a greater range than normal. It is well known to clean with twine and cloth. The procedure for this is exactly the same as when cleaning brush.

pondelok 26. augusta 2013

Self Defence Krav Maga

At present, krav maga is considered as the most powerful means of defence. Krav maga "fight Head" is the most effective tactical system in the world as evidenced overview of units and soldiers who this system took over and taught them. We are talking about such ingredients armed  State of Israel but also U.S. federal agencies FBI, CIA, DEA and SWAT. Krav maga is  used by  the police in Sweden, Denmark, in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. Krav maga is well known concepts French GIGN unit and the Belgian army. Officially Krav Maga began to develop during the second World War II in Slovakia in the capital. Imi Lichtenfeld is a name known to everyone, or at least in my life met with a system of self defence krav maga. Lichtenfeld due Nazi period during World War II when the Nazis literally hunted Jews founded the group about 20 people who together have begun to develop defense to infighting. This defence had no boundaries and serve the destruction and killing the enemy. These were the beginnings of krav maga. Nowadays we divided krav maga into two sectors namely civilian and military. Of course we as civilians are interested in the civil. The entire system, regardless of age, gender or physical conditions has the task to learn how to resist attack. Aim is not to provoke conflict but to defend ourselves and end the conflict in what should be protect yourself and your loved ones. All this can be achieved by practicing techniques, aggression, fighting spirit, negotiation and avoiding conflict situations. Krav maga is different from other combat sports, mainly because when krav maga there are no set rules or restrictions concerning what can and cannot do, such as in boxing.

streda 14. augusta 2013

Vacations includes massages

I decided to have a Slovak vacation. At first I thought it would be pretty boring (I longed for an exotic vacation in a faraway land, maybe somewhere on the island) but I was hoping and looking forward to relax. I decided to go to the spa. In addition to traditional spa treatments, there I found something new. Beauty salon Sorayah there offering new cosmetic services and massages based on the presenting of its newly opened salon in Bratislava and cosmetic brand Darphin Paris. Since I was on my vacation, I indulged to try a back massage. Of course, after this experience, which got me more relaxed than possible, it was relaxing and pleasant, one massage to me was not enough. The second massage I ordered two days later but I asked for a full body massage. I was in the spa for two weeks, so I ordered the meantime face cleansing and even repeatedly 2x full body massage. In the spa I met two other girls from Bratislava, with whom we became friends pretty well. I told them I have had the most amazing massages and we agreed that after spa vacation we will meet again in Bratislava and visit the beauty salon Sorayah together. The girls have had the same spa treatments as I so we could for the remain time in the spa plan a joint program. In the evening we went to a nearby bar and had fun. Finally, my "boring" holiday Slovak surpassed my expectations.

štvrtok 1. augusta 2013

Reset your head during the hot summer evenings

After a long and harsh winter we all are waiting for a beautiful summer night and spending time near the water or on vacation somewhere. Summer is the time of year when we all want to get away or disappear from the house and go somewhere abroad for holiday or just switch from the everyday stress and reality that is throughout the year. Younger people are spending summer at various events, festivals if they are lucky somewhere in the party as such as Islands in Croatia. I am specifically talking about the island of Pag, which has become a place for young people who wants to party all day and night long, of course sell of alcohol and music plays from am to pm and again... All these nice moments we can not experience in winter only during summer holidays and vacations. The summer months are the most beautiful of the year. Therefore, in this period should not be shortage of rest and relaxation. To take the time and space for total refresh and restart is all we need. The perfect summer vacation is important, therefore, you can either spoil yourself the whole summer, or sweeten the whole year, and you remembered even in winter. In the evening, you can just sit and pump some energy from great summer experience.  You can order a bottle of a good quality wine from alcohol delivery Bratislava, where they have the widest range of alcohol in Slovakia, so surely you will find something you love. If you can not restart your head somewhere on a vacation,  try to make at least a movie night at home.

Drevona the Slovak furniture manufacturer

Drevona is a company which is engaged in manufacturing furniture and home accessories. It is a Slovak producer and in its offer is a wide selection of furniture for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, children's rooms, bathrooms, hallways, but also in office or garden. Here you can arrange practically the whole apartment or house. Beds, chest of drawers, TV tables, shoe racks, garden furniture, hammocks and many others in a variety of colors for easy choice for everyone. Drevona has a stone shop in Bratislava, but also functions as an online store. Quality furniture can completely change how you feel in your own home. Quality furniture will last for several decades. Buying furniture is always a quality investment in the comfort of your home. Home should be providing daily rest and relax after a hard day's stress at work. Internet shop offers you many advantages and interesting news, types and advice and high standard service for regular customers. In Bratislava Drevona offers export and import furniture free of charge.

Drevona Company is in the market since 1949, and with such as years of experience and quality products is one of the best in Slovakia.