piatok 28. júna 2013

The most beautiful women's shoes

History of footwear
Shoes were thousands of years ago produced the same on the right and left foot of each person. Today we produce asymmetric. For shoes that were the same on both the right and left leg, each wearing itself naturally "modeled". The poorest people tied up feet with rags or used to go barefoot.

Until the eleventh century there was a change. Most of the shoes were sewed of cowhide and goatskin and they were made from luxurious silk, brocade and velvet.

Today, the footwear is made not only in addition to protect your feet when walking but also it is the fashion accessory. Today is the more luxurious models made ​​of different kinds of leather and cheaper ones are made ​​of fabric or synthetic material. Leather boots are in fact more durable and you can wear them no matter the weather.

There is a website – eshop – Milujem-topánky.sk where you can find the most beautiful women's footwear. This footwear is made from different materials, in different colors and at great prices. You'll find shoe for party, shoes for casual wear, high heel but also flat and slippers. So you can choose footwear for every occasion and in any weather.
Milujem-topánky.sk also offers various discounts and still has stocks for seasonal items such as women's boots. On this page you will also find the dimensions for simple online shopping. The goods are sent by courier service, which is fast and safe.
Products can pay by cash on delivery or direct debit bank transfer. Of course, before any order, check and read the Complaints Procedure.
Based on recommendations from satisfied consumers you can be certain that you will be satisfied too.

Buy a footwear you wear happily and always have original style.

Original birthday party for kids

It is very difficult every year come up with something fun and original for birthday party of our children. My husband and I are trying to make this special day really special and memorable. But as they get older it gets harder to invent new activities that will keep the attention of our restless children. A zoo, various castles and children's amusement parks we have already visited so this year we began to design the program, which will be completely different than the previous ones and that they will be really surprised and pleased.
After a lot of surfing and looking for ideas on various internet blogs and forums, we are on the rave reviews decided to try magic show of Peter Sestak.

Magician Peter is one of the best known and most popular magicians in Slovakia and his performances have also very good responses abroad. To contact him is easy; just visit his website, where you will find all the necessary contacts. Then I wrote an email, in which I asked for information on prices, availability and so on. We were pleasantly surprised by the quick response, as well as the pricing of shares. You do not have to worry about the high price; nearly two-hour show for 10 children certainly will not ruin your budget. On the contrary, it is worth because the performance of a magician was really fascinating. Children sat speechless with bated breath as awe watching various interesting and mysterious tricks. Sometimes Peter had involved children directly in his show, so they got even better experience and they still talk about it.
If you want to please your children and get them the best and original birthday party, to remember for a long time, I can only recommend magician Peter who will show you an amazing show.

New and greener living

Are you looking for a new home or do you want to move into the newly built single family house? Owning a large family house is definitely better than staying in the apartment complex, of course, a house or apartment have their own charm. Only at a glance in my experience, I will describe a few disadvantages of living in a block of flats, or apartment block. When living in a family house, I feel much privacy. The neighbors do not share with you the same entrance and is not usually a large number of people in your area ... Consequently, you do not need to take account of such noise on visits, celebrations or when you want to venture out loud music will not make you worry about the volume and if it does not disturb anyone. On the other hand, the entry of these benefits which come to the house and disadvantages in terms of maintenance and care of your house. Thinking as I would like to move to a new go the right way. Nowadays have become very popular wood buildings in simple words prefabricated houses. It might sound a little strange and cheaply, but the opposite is usually true. In other words, prefabricated homes are custom homes. Low-energy houses in the title already suggests that they are made from different materials we used in construction. The positive energy in homes is the production of materials for their status, is simply produced in a factory and come up within 2 months of strict building itself, or folding definitely takes longer than conventional homes. The company IQ-Ekodom has been offering such construction services for several years. Everything you need can be found on their website, from project implementation to information such as the manufacture and construction of low-energy house.

streda 19. júna 2013

Moving can be stressful but also exciting

I move every year. Not that I really enjoyed it, just the situation develop that way. I have been renting places all this time. In one month time I am moving again. In my new apartment I rented, there is no bed. I've got only two cornerseats - in the bedroom and in the living room. At first I thought that I will buy a new bed but then I realized that one corner sofa is a sofa-bed. If you pull out the pieces and make it as bed, size is larger than a standard double bed. A friend advised me that I should still buy a bed, or at least a new mattress. She has a contact the super company with quality products at pretty good prices. She has bought a few pieces of furniture for herself already from this company and she is very happy with them. She has also registered on their website, so she gets great offers with even more discounts and promotions. It was indeed a great idea, but even so I decided to keep a corner couch in the bedroom. I have already started to pack and I am quite looking forward to a new place, new neighbors and new experiences. But really I hope I will be able to stay there longer than a year.

utorok 18. júna 2013

Pijeme SK - great delivery service Bratislava

PIJEME SK is a delivery service with alcoholic beverages and non alcoholic beverages in Bratislava.

I have planned a party for about twenty people. At first I thought it will be very difficult to buy and bring home all the beverages. I found out about PIJEME SK and that was my rescue. Delivery service Bratislava delivered everything I ordered in just ten minutes and for such good price. It was very convenient. All the people came to the party including the DJ, who is my friend as well by the way, and they all came on time, which was a good sign. The atmosphere was so good, everybody was dancing and singing, and chatting and people who did not know about each other, they all met and got to know each other. It looked like everybody is having so much fun. I have a pool outside my house as well and what would that be a party without jumping in to the pool!

The vodka has been finished the quickest and I needed to order some more. So I just called delivery service Bratislava and again, in just ten minutes we had another few more bottles. The whole night was just perfect. I am so glad that my party is the party that everybody will be talking about and will remember. 

pondelok 17. júna 2013

Wardrobe full of clothes

Are you having trouble in the morning too, because you have nothing to wear? Me too. I use to think, that I am terrible at shopping and picking the clothes for myself and nothing looked good on me. It was an everyday horror for me and my boyfriend use to say, that this is going to be the reason, why he is going to leave me one day. Of course he was only joking, but I knew exactly what he meant. I am not the type of a person who is tall and skinny and the one, who just opens the closet and with eyes closed can pick whatever outfit and always looks the best.
I have some deficiencies on my body and that is why I need to pick carefully what I can or can not wear. I needed a new bra. So I went to the erotic underwear shop. The girl in the shop – shop assistant – came to me and asked if I needed any help. Sure, I said. I told her I need a bra I could wear everyday and ideally it would be nude color. She measured me and then picked about five different bras. She picked the bras that I would probably never pick as I thought that it would not fit me. Naturally, she is a specialist and I was wrong, she was right. Also I find out, that all this time I was wearing the wrong size of the bra. Once I tried the new bras I immediately felt more attractive and better, like the bra is a part of me. It perfectly fit and it felt so comfortable, I barely felt I was wearing it.

I bought all five of them and also bought some new knickers. Since than, I shop only at this store. I always take advice from the shop assistants of what underwear I should wear. And my outfits never looked better. 

pondelok 10. júna 2013

My furniture from Slovakian company Drevona

I was looking for a reliable company that sells furniture for home. I was looking and reading online. I was hoping to find some recommendations or reviews as I just moved to this country with my son and I had no idea which company has the best products for affordable prices.  I looked up a company Drevona. I could basically furnish each room in my house with furniture from Drevona. They have everything from beds, chest of drawers to cupboards and chairs, rozkladacie pohovky, sofa beds and bathroom furniture. On Drevona website I found out that they have a shop in Bratislava, so I have decided to visit them. My son was very excited, because we were going to buy his bedroom furniture too. He had exact idea of what he wants in his bedroom, just as he picked a color on the walls in his bedroom, he also knew what type of furniture, what style he would like to have. I let him choose his own furniture, he is 12 years old and he is very smart and mature about things like that, so I trust his choice.

When we got to the shop, we were please with great customer service and kind and friendly staff. They showed us their best pieces and bestsellers. Than they asked us about our enquires and our idea of the products. After few minutes they came to us with the sketch of double bed, chest of drawers, pohovky and for my son cupboard, bed and couple of chest of drawers. It was perfect. This Drevona staff member planed exactly what we were looking for. Right away we ordered that furniture and went home happy. When the furniture arrived, I was surprised that furniture looked so good and I could tell that that it is such good quality, it will last me for a very long time. 

Wooden furniture from Drevona Company

Do you need new furniture for you beautiful new home? Or you looking to buy new furniture because the old one is too old and your home needs a whole new refresh?

Have you heard about Slovakian company Drevona? They make the best furniture, postele, pohovky and sedacie supravy. You can basically organize everything from shoe cabinet in the hall through living room furniture and rohove sedacie supravy all the way to bedroom and postele, matrace and bedroom wardrobe. You can find at Drevona matching furniture or a different piece to each room. They offer modern furniture with fine lines, easy to match with everything else in the house or you can find classic pieces or furniture with a special vintage feel to it. All the products are brand new and high quality that pleases even demanding customers. Drevona guarantees many years of contentment with their products. Postele are truly the most important pieces of furniture in everyone’s home. Drevona postele are for life. Very comfortable and perfect like tailored specially for you. You won’t want a different bed ever again. Except the great service and high quality products, Drevona people offers consultation and advice service of furniture and its accessory goods. For more information just click on Drevonas website and enjoy.

Drevona furniture

Drevona is one of the best companies that offers and produce furniture for homes and for offices. This furniture is high quality, modern or classic furniture mostly made out of wood. Drevona has been on a market since 1949, which is a sign of great high quality products and great customer service. Drevona offeres postele, mattresses, chest of drawers, sofas, sofa beds, corner sofas and sofa sets, children’s room furniture, kitchen or bathroom furniture and many more. Bed is probably most important piece of furniture in everyones home. It is very important how you sleep at night, as it may affect how you feel the whole day. Bad sleeping or sleepless nights may cause stress, back pain, headache, restlessness and other problems. On the other side, a good night sleep can bring you stressless day, happiness, you may feel refreshed and relaxed and full of energy. At Drevona, you can choose  manželské postele which will be right for you. If you are indecisive, Drevona staff can give you advice and recommend you beds like tailored maid for you.