pondelok 16. septembra 2013

Interior studio and apartment design

Clothes make the man - it is said. The same goes for your home. I am sure everyone cares not only about comfort of their home but also care about its looks. Some design their interior by some look in a catalog. Especially if they are susceptible to frequent home visits. If you are passionate about what you are wearing, you will certainly not indifferent to what is "wearing" your apartment or house, maybe even a garden. Have you ever visited any interior studio? There you can get a lot of inspiration and ideas on how to tastefully and stylishly furnish your interior. Trained staff can advise you what to avoid and what to prioritize, how to balance colors and so on. Interior design is equally as important to you as well as for the well-being and comfort of your guests. 

Many people make the mistake that when arranging their interior with new furniture and home accessories is governed by the latest trends, but that ignores other important "rules". Thus established apartment can become a bit cheesy is timed and can act on them depressed (and still do not even know why). Also, some catalog designs can be designed for larger spaces with other dimensions such as yours. It is always good to consult with experts and especially when it comes to colors and color combinations to your residential design is the most appropriate for you.

štvrtok 12. septembra 2013

Interior studio TRIHA

Do you love art? Do you like modern art? Are you the type of person who always wanted to arrange their own accommodation very modern and stylish? Modern and Abstract Art in housing is very popular with artists of all types, whether it's an actor, writer, composer, painter or another. If you have your own imagination or idea of ​​your own, it is difficult to find ready-made products according to your ideas. However, if you do not have your own idea, you are not an artist, but you like abstract furniture, let someone advice you. Interior studio is there to help you in such situations and advice you on how to do it. Interior design TRIHA is the studio, which provides not only consulting, design and planning as well as implementation of furniture design. They can also advise you how to balance colors in your apartment or house, a colorful combination of space and furniture. Such studio of interior furniture design also addresses the provision of comprehensive services in the design and implementation of a production prototype object. Sometimes it is also quite difficult to reconcile and unite the tastes of two people. Project designer and designer of the agreement you may now propose three types of final version of your interior and it is almost certain that at least one will be the one that you fall in love with. It's easy and without unnecessary stress. Visit the interior studio TRIHA for some advice too.

streda 11. septembra 2013

Dressers and other furniture

Chests of drawers were once produced mainly from wood, had  four legs, were carved or painted, and served as a dresser or sideboard. Chests of drawers were low and wide. There is now little used term commode, they are mostly cabinets that stand directly on the ground without “legs” and are used for different things. Someone has a chest of drawers in the garage keeps working tools, someone use a commode in the living room under the TV, or in the bedroom for clothing such as T-shirts and pants. Antique chest of drawers is made ​​of solid (mostly dark) wood and has 3-6 drawers. It was once emplaced only in the bedroom. Chest of drawers would be the most beautiful piece of furniture at home. When choosing furniture for your house or apartment, as well as the selection of dressers, is to be well aligned in same style. Antique dressers are better and stronger than many new and modern ones, and they do not fit into each room and each style. If you cannot decide for yourself, or to assess whether it fits into your abode, it is always better to consult with someone competent. Chest of drawers on four legs, has its advantages and disadvantages. If you like antiques, but the desire for new things and new furniture, there are companies involved in the production of replicas of antique furniture. You can arrange your abode beautiful, stylish, affordably and with the smell of new furniture.


If you own a house with a garden or have a weekend cottage with a garden and grow your own fruit and vegetables, you probably know well, that sometimes not all the harvest survived.  Have you tried to use fertilizer? Quality fertilizer can help to make your garden rich, healthy and your harvest to be good quality. Fertilizers are also suitable for those who grow minor crops, such as strawberries at home on the balcony. Fertilizer for strawberries will help to make your strawberries big, juicy and tasty. Fertilizers are actually preparations for plants that contain essential nutrients for the healthy growth of your plants. More and more young people are returning to simple way of life - instead of buying an apartment,  they buy a house or land, where they built a house, grow their own vegetables, fruit, some can even set up their own farm. People are trying to live healthier and "cheaper". Home grown vegetables taste better and people feel better, because they grow them for themselves. Throw away your prejudices that you depend only on purchased and imported food. Agrobiosfer Company offers quality fertilizers and other eco products for your garden. New to the market, which also Agrobiosfer offers are seaweeds. Seaweeds are used in agriculture to increase crop quality. Seaweeds are the richest source of organic minerals, which allows plants to obtain the necessary nutrients. High quality and rich harvest may not be just a dream.

pondelok 2. septembra 2013

Hammocks for your well being

My idea of ​​vacation is a hammock, palm trees, sandy beaches and clear sea. Such vacation will not be achieved each year. And of course, it is important that such an idea is shared with the person who travels with me. Sometimes the person who is travelling with me is a friend of mine, sometimes boyfriend and sometimes my mom. It is true that on such vacation I mostly like travelling with a friend. Because in the evening I hang out and dance and with my mother or a boyfriend is absolutely impossible. I do not go on vacation on my own. This year, I even could not go on vacation at all. Hammock is a little miracle. You would not believe how you can change even the worst mood and evoke a sense of peace and relaxation in the busiest city in the world. That's why I bought one hammock in my garden. Since this year I was not on vacation, every day after work, I decided to throw all the worries away, make at home some fruit cocktail and lie down in a hammock. Close my eyes and imagine a magical place like for instance the Bahamas. And it works. Suddenly I am in the Bahamas and I feel such peace as ever. I'll tell you, purchasing a hammock  was perhaps best purchase I have lately done. 

streda 28. augusta 2013

Maintenance weapons

Condition and cleanliness of your head very significantly affects the accuracy of fire, but the actual functionality of the weapon. Unmaintained has bad consequences and causes corrosion and harms splines. In principle, it is necessary to obtain a set of cleaning brushes, extension and oil. It is better to use oil specifically for air guns and other types of weapons. WD-40 is not bad but I do not recommend using it. Besides brushes set is also needed cloth, preferably smaller such as cloth for glasses and so on. Under a set of brushes understand 3 pcs brushes. Each serving of something else, and the hardest removes coarse dirt, enough with him two or three times run barrel. The second brush is too hard but has a much longer bristles and will serve you for oiling. When oiling just use two drops of oil and no more. Then also as the first brush slew barrel several times in a row. Latest brush with the soft and more intensive bristles used for final polishing mainly from excess oil. Important factor when cleaning is not printing on splines that we do not damage it, unless you do so, the brush will be parallel to the barrel. Not only inside but also outside of the gun is clean and well oiled. With oil you should not overdo it! It is used to prevent corrosion. After application of bigger amount of oil that is suitable arises so. Dieseling when the first two to three missiles have a greater range than normal. It is well known to clean with twine and cloth. The procedure for this is exactly the same as when cleaning brush.

pondelok 26. augusta 2013

Self Defence Krav Maga

At present, krav maga is considered as the most powerful means of defence. Krav maga "fight Head" is the most effective tactical system in the world as evidenced overview of units and soldiers who this system took over and taught them. We are talking about such ingredients armed  State of Israel but also U.S. federal agencies FBI, CIA, DEA and SWAT. Krav maga is  used by  the police in Sweden, Denmark, in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. Krav maga is well known concepts French GIGN unit and the Belgian army. Officially Krav Maga began to develop during the second World War II in Slovakia in the capital. Imi Lichtenfeld is a name known to everyone, or at least in my life met with a system of self defence krav maga. Lichtenfeld due Nazi period during World War II when the Nazis literally hunted Jews founded the group about 20 people who together have begun to develop defense to infighting. This defence had no boundaries and serve the destruction and killing the enemy. These were the beginnings of krav maga. Nowadays we divided krav maga into two sectors namely civilian and military. Of course we as civilians are interested in the civil. The entire system, regardless of age, gender or physical conditions has the task to learn how to resist attack. Aim is not to provoke conflict but to defend ourselves and end the conflict in what should be protect yourself and your loved ones. All this can be achieved by practicing techniques, aggression, fighting spirit, negotiation and avoiding conflict situations. Krav maga is different from other combat sports, mainly because when krav maga there are no set rules or restrictions concerning what can and cannot do, such as in boxing.