streda 11. septembra 2013

Dressers and other furniture

Chests of drawers were once produced mainly from wood, had  four legs, were carved or painted, and served as a dresser or sideboard. Chests of drawers were low and wide. There is now little used term commode, they are mostly cabinets that stand directly on the ground without “legs” and are used for different things. Someone has a chest of drawers in the garage keeps working tools, someone use a commode in the living room under the TV, or in the bedroom for clothing such as T-shirts and pants. Antique chest of drawers is made ​​of solid (mostly dark) wood and has 3-6 drawers. It was once emplaced only in the bedroom. Chest of drawers would be the most beautiful piece of furniture at home. When choosing furniture for your house or apartment, as well as the selection of dressers, is to be well aligned in same style. Antique dressers are better and stronger than many new and modern ones, and they do not fit into each room and each style. If you cannot decide for yourself, or to assess whether it fits into your abode, it is always better to consult with someone competent. Chest of drawers on four legs, has its advantages and disadvantages. If you like antiques, but the desire for new things and new furniture, there are companies involved in the production of replicas of antique furniture. You can arrange your abode beautiful, stylish, affordably and with the smell of new furniture.

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