pondelok 2. septembra 2013

Hammocks for your well being

My idea of ​​vacation is a hammock, palm trees, sandy beaches and clear sea. Such vacation will not be achieved each year. And of course, it is important that such an idea is shared with the person who travels with me. Sometimes the person who is travelling with me is a friend of mine, sometimes boyfriend and sometimes my mom. It is true that on such vacation I mostly like travelling with a friend. Because in the evening I hang out and dance and with my mother or a boyfriend is absolutely impossible. I do not go on vacation on my own. This year, I even could not go on vacation at all. Hammock is a little miracle. You would not believe how you can change even the worst mood and evoke a sense of peace and relaxation in the busiest city in the world. That's why I bought one hammock in my garden. Since this year I was not on vacation, every day after work, I decided to throw all the worries away, make at home some fruit cocktail and lie down in a hammock. Close my eyes and imagine a magical place like for instance the Bahamas. And it works. Suddenly I am in the Bahamas and I feel such peace as ever. I'll tell you, purchasing a hammock  was perhaps best purchase I have lately done. 

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