streda 11. septembra 2013


If you own a house with a garden or have a weekend cottage with a garden and grow your own fruit and vegetables, you probably know well, that sometimes not all the harvest survived.  Have you tried to use fertilizer? Quality fertilizer can help to make your garden rich, healthy and your harvest to be good quality. Fertilizers are also suitable for those who grow minor crops, such as strawberries at home on the balcony. Fertilizer for strawberries will help to make your strawberries big, juicy and tasty. Fertilizers are actually preparations for plants that contain essential nutrients for the healthy growth of your plants. More and more young people are returning to simple way of life - instead of buying an apartment,  they buy a house or land, where they built a house, grow their own vegetables, fruit, some can even set up their own farm. People are trying to live healthier and "cheaper". Home grown vegetables taste better and people feel better, because they grow them for themselves. Throw away your prejudices that you depend only on purchased and imported food. Agrobiosfer Company offers quality fertilizers and other eco products for your garden. New to the market, which also Agrobiosfer offers are seaweeds. Seaweeds are used in agriculture to increase crop quality. Seaweeds are the richest source of organic minerals, which allows plants to obtain the necessary nutrients. High quality and rich harvest may not be just a dream.

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