štvrtok 1. augusta 2013

Drevona the Slovak furniture manufacturer

Drevona is a company which is engaged in manufacturing furniture and home accessories. It is a Slovak producer and in its offer is a wide selection of furniture for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, children's rooms, bathrooms, hallways, but also in office or garden. Here you can arrange practically the whole apartment or house. Beds, chest of drawers, TV tables, shoe racks, garden furniture, hammocks and many others in a variety of colors for easy choice for everyone. Drevona has a stone shop in Bratislava, but also functions as an online store. Quality furniture can completely change how you feel in your own home. Quality furniture will last for several decades. Buying furniture is always a quality investment in the comfort of your home. Home should be providing daily rest and relax after a hard day's stress at work. Drevona.sk Internet shop offers you many advantages and interesting news, types and advice and high standard service for regular customers. In Bratislava Drevona offers export and import furniture free of charge.

Drevona Company is in the market since 1949, and with such as years of experience and quality products is one of the best in Slovakia.

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