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Self Defence Krav Maga

At present, krav maga is considered as the most powerful means of defence. Krav maga "fight Head" is the most effective tactical system in the world as evidenced overview of units and soldiers who this system took over and taught them. We are talking about such ingredients armed  State of Israel but also U.S. federal agencies FBI, CIA, DEA and SWAT. Krav maga is  used by  the police in Sweden, Denmark, in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. Krav maga is well known concepts French GIGN unit and the Belgian army. Officially Krav Maga began to develop during the second World War II in Slovakia in the capital. Imi Lichtenfeld is a name known to everyone, or at least in my life met with a system of self defence krav maga. Lichtenfeld due Nazi period during World War II when the Nazis literally hunted Jews founded the group about 20 people who together have begun to develop defense to infighting. This defence had no boundaries and serve the destruction and killing the enemy. These were the beginnings of krav maga. Nowadays we divided krav maga into two sectors namely civilian and military. Of course we as civilians are interested in the civil. The entire system, regardless of age, gender or physical conditions has the task to learn how to resist attack. Aim is not to provoke conflict but to defend ourselves and end the conflict in what should be protect yourself and your loved ones. All this can be achieved by practicing techniques, aggression, fighting spirit, negotiation and avoiding conflict situations. Krav maga is different from other combat sports, mainly because when krav maga there are no set rules or restrictions concerning what can and cannot do, such as in boxing.

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