streda 14. augusta 2013

Vacations includes massages

I decided to have a Slovak vacation. At first I thought it would be pretty boring (I longed for an exotic vacation in a faraway land, maybe somewhere on the island) but I was hoping and looking forward to relax. I decided to go to the spa. In addition to traditional spa treatments, there I found something new. Beauty salon Sorayah there offering new cosmetic services and massages based on the presenting of its newly opened salon in Bratislava and cosmetic brand Darphin Paris. Since I was on my vacation, I indulged to try a back massage. Of course, after this experience, which got me more relaxed than possible, it was relaxing and pleasant, one massage to me was not enough. The second massage I ordered two days later but I asked for a full body massage. I was in the spa for two weeks, so I ordered the meantime face cleansing and even repeatedly 2x full body massage. In the spa I met two other girls from Bratislava, with whom we became friends pretty well. I told them I have had the most amazing massages and we agreed that after spa vacation we will meet again in Bratislava and visit the beauty salon Sorayah together. The girls have had the same spa treatments as I so we could for the remain time in the spa plan a joint program. In the evening we went to a nearby bar and had fun. Finally, my "boring" holiday Slovak surpassed my expectations.

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