streda 28. augusta 2013

Maintenance weapons

Condition and cleanliness of your head very significantly affects the accuracy of fire, but the actual functionality of the weapon. Unmaintained has bad consequences and causes corrosion and harms splines. In principle, it is necessary to obtain a set of cleaning brushes, extension and oil. It is better to use oil specifically for air guns and other types of weapons. WD-40 is not bad but I do not recommend using it. Besides brushes set is also needed cloth, preferably smaller such as cloth for glasses and so on. Under a set of brushes understand 3 pcs brushes. Each serving of something else, and the hardest removes coarse dirt, enough with him two or three times run barrel. The second brush is too hard but has a much longer bristles and will serve you for oiling. When oiling just use two drops of oil and no more. Then also as the first brush slew barrel several times in a row. Latest brush with the soft and more intensive bristles used for final polishing mainly from excess oil. Important factor when cleaning is not printing on splines that we do not damage it, unless you do so, the brush will be parallel to the barrel. Not only inside but also outside of the gun is clean and well oiled. With oil you should not overdo it! It is used to prevent corrosion. After application of bigger amount of oil that is suitable arises so. Dieseling when the first two to three missiles have a greater range than normal. It is well known to clean with twine and cloth. The procedure for this is exactly the same as when cleaning brush.

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